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It’s, a rollercoaster of emotions when your child’s hurt and you have to take them to hospital. He’d. Do anything for you, kids! He sacrifice yourself if he had to when we were told she wouldn’t live till.

She was tan. That was, that was hard boy. How do you know what’s, the best treatment for your daughter? You have to put your trust in doctors, the Royal Manchester Children’s. Hospital is one of the largest hospitals of its kind in the UK.

Two hundred and thirty thousand children, together with their parents, are seen here every year being in hospital is difficult for any child, but it’s just as challenging for their moms and dads three year old Eliza’s.

Parents Debbie and Mike bring their daughter for treatment twice a week. She’s, been in and out of hospital all her life and is petrified at the kidney dialysis. She needs to keep her alive our first job.

I would avoid every one of the girl. I got my boy with salmon that was a lovely moment and then, when Eliza came along, I hoped for a girl and that’s, the Debbie and she came along with perfect. It was a real worry when they found something was wrong because we had already lost a child, so it was very scary.

Actually Eliza’s. Kidney is not developing properly and this is having a devastating impact on all the family. We’ve had a lovely time with some as he’s grown up and every year you know the personality comes out.

They develop as individuals and really enjoyed him growing up. We hope to have the same with Eliza and then you suddenly realize and Eliza comes along it’s, not gonna be quite the same. This would have turned your world upside down.

Her kidney is deteriorating so fast. Her life is at risk. Mike has agreed to donate one of his own kidneys to give his daughter the chance to survive. They’ll, both be under the knife. At the same time, he do anything pickets.

He sacrifice yourself if you had to the risks from a relatively modest the benefits to our a huge, and you know you know it’s. Gon na make. You know he’s, going to make a better Mike and Eliza surgery will take place in two weeks time.

Every day over a hundred and twenty children urgently need the care of staff at the hospitals trauma Department to just open your mouth. For me, go boy: it’s early evening and a distressed parent is rushing her child to A & amp E.

He’s badly burnt mum. Sam has traveled 15 miles by ambulance from Bolton with her baby son. I’d like to do, is have a look at look at the burns, but before that life can a strong painkiller, he’s, obviously upset.

Then we can sort of get the bandage down. Have a look and work out what to do know? It was a bit of a shocker. It was my fourth child. He was a child. It wasn’t expecting to have me all this is 23 and he’s like the baby of the family.

It took us quite a while to get used to it that was pregnant, but dick got used to it and enjoyed it at the end. Oh it’s. Overwhelming Malik, oba oba was beautiful, is very tiny. It was very beautiful, [, Music, ], justic surgeons and see if they’re free to come and have a look.

You’ve just received a one-year-old boy who has some skulls from balling boiling water at the top of his head and his right arm. I’ve, just given him some diamorphine, I’m about to take the dressings down.

Just thought if you were free, where they want you to come and have a look with me now: [ Music ], so that you can still cuddle in comfort. But we can get to him a little bit more easily. But like I’ve hurt the bear bear.

When I hadn’t earn my bear bear. I felt that it was all looking at mare’s off. It says she’s burnt a bear, but I hadn’t. It was artful. I can’t. Describe that moment. Just a second him. You know he’s in the right place right.

I brought the pair myself and there were painful. It feels arch. His burns are so acute. He needs to see a plastic surgeon, I discovered, and then what would this? We’ll assess how deep the burn s and how much serious burns okay.

He may need to go to theater for for an operation but hands how deep the banister depends on the burner. He’s. Gon na need to stay in here when I first seen the accents the burns. Just not me sick realer to think that water could do such severe damage to a child.

I just can’t get over the gills of what had happened to him. I don’t, think mom and dad get over. What happens? I think the next few days and weeks and will be a difficult time for him and his family, because he’ll, need ongoing, dressings and regular changes of dressings.

It’s hard to predict at this stage whether he’ll have any permanent scarring. When something happens to you like what’s happened to watcher, makes you feel very, very long and Mitch feel like you’ve, not fulfilled your parents, job with him, because I’m without your twins froze there and they’re watching twins froze it felt like I’ve neglected my own son on the inside.

It was just ripping me apart completely. Ripping me apart, frightening, very, very frightening. You think it’d, never happen to your honor. You know the next few days are critical. If Archie’s, burns don’t, heal Sam will have to watch her son undergo painful surgery.

A thin layer of skin from his thigh will be grafted on to the damaged area. Scarring will be inevitable: [ Music, ], coming up for 11-year old Cody, the hospital is home from home and to be told there was something wrong with her that was completely devastated and Archie has to endure agonizing treatment.

It was heartbroken it’s. Nothing. I could do about it: [ Applause, ], [, Music, ]. It’s the day before Eliza’s, kidney transplant operation and Barrington, the hospital’s. Resident clown is doing his rounds.

Listen does your nose squeak? Can you press your nose? Oh yes, just mommy’s; no squeak and you press mommy’s. Nose come over here, mommy press mommy’s; nose gently for mum; Debbie! It’s, a welcome break from the anxiety of what’s.

To come. Yes, hello! Oh yes, yeah! Oh it’s fabulous. It was a really traumatic day for her and she wouldn’t, get out of a pram. Will anybody touch her, but when Barrington came in it was a great distraction.

As soon as you have a baby, you become their parents, nobody prepares you, but you have to deal with everything that that child brings and – and I’m quite honored – that I’ve been able to look in normal life.

I am a sort of person who likes to be in control of things to be in this situation is very different. You’re, not in control. You’re, a passenger in the whole process and you’re in the hands of other people.

The surgeon leading the transplant team is mr. Tavakoli. The hospital carry out 20 operations of this kind. Every year it’s, challenging and complicated. We have a large kidney and she’s a little size.

We have the space that keep me in risks and complications are higher compared to adult, but that’s. What we have, we have a kidney and we have to go ahead and sort it out if transplant does not go. It is the life of dialysis, so you really really really want this to work, to make sure that hope becomes reality that’s, not gonna give me a tomorrow.

Okay, I know this is the way around it’s, an emotional roller coaster, because leading up to things that you worried that he’s, not gonna work out for him, you’re gonna be rejected. Is it gonna function properly? You just on your toes all the time very nervous, but I’m, not really thinking too much beyond now, and I’ll face everything that happens as it happens by tomorrow night.

They’ll know whether Mike’s. Gift to Eliza will help her live a normal life. The Manchester Children’s. Hospital treats 2,000 children with metabolic diseases every year. When you have a baby, you think they’re, going to have what we call a normal life, but to be told there was something wrong with her.

I mean that was completely devastated. [, Music ] Allyson’s. 12 year old daughter, cody was diagnosed at fifteen months with a very rare, inherited disorder called MPs, one she was told Cody wouldn’t survive beyond the age of ten.

One of our net has said to me: you have to grieve for that child that you thought you had and accept that there that’s, not your path. Mps one affects all the cells in Cody’s, body, slowing her growth and damaging every organ with so many complications.

Mum and daughter visit the hospital every two weeks: physio: blood operations, dentists, cardiology, with codes condition being genetic. We did decide, we couldn’t, take the risk and have any more children.

Oh, that was a very hard decision. 11 years ago, Cody had chemotherapy to kill off her own bone marrow before a transplant. The treatment destroyed her teeth. She’s, got one of our baby teeth removed, so the dentist is just gonna ease it off so that a dog tooth can come through the tea throat ever so slightly unusual in their position and their sheep.

So our plan is to remove that one in the hope that this one will find its way into the mouth quite nicely. Cody is allergic to general anaesthetic, so she needs to have a local injected into her gone [ Music ].

If dr. hood can’t number tooth, the removal can’t go ahead. Tell me about weird: does it feel easy and you feel a bit dissing like I just try as much as I can, sir? Not let Kody see how upset I am when she’s in pain.

I can have my cry on my hard times later. When she’s not around, you have to learn out. Otherwise it eat you. It’s, not really expect your life’s going to be or what you want for your daughter. It’s, not easy, but you adapt and it just becomes your normal on a scale of one to ten, where one’s, nothing and tens ow [, Music, ].

Now that the anesthetic is working, the next stage is to pull the teeth: [ Music ]. In the burns unit, Sam’s, one-year-old son Archie is going to have the skulls to his head and arm cleaned. This is the first time staff have been able to assess the full extent of the damage to his body.

Never leave and never is my babeh. They want the momma and I’d. Never like I couldn’t. Let him go. It was just it and has always been attached to me. We call him hip her. He’s, always on my hip, so I couldn’t undo my overspending by there.

You know the end of day wants to be with his mom. Have to just follow the pattern but potentially looking at maybe up to about there: okay, [, Music, ], [ Applause ] the moment this shared desire off was awful it, whereas baby.

Obviously it’s. My baby’s first, her and for some of the outs to take it off. It was devastating [, Music, ], [, Music ] to watch that scrubber muscles. Getting it it was. It was heart, broke him. It was heart broken there’s, nothing.

I could do about it, but I know it had to be done because I said it were a risk of infection. It was heart, broken [, Music, ] with children. What’s, classified as a more significant burning 20, is anyone in from 10 % of their body surface area, so that’s, exactly what the doctors have been working on.

So he’s. Just done that cutoff point of 10 % it’s really gone this time. You can never say definitely, but we’ll, be here in a few days and they are going when they start to shed nazar. The funda is spread wider.

That was quite shocking and cried sickening. I just feel awful and sick that’s, why I prefer to stay with him than he knows. I’m with him at all times it’s been. I was his mama’s with him over the next few days.

Our cheese burns need to be closely monitored to check for infection [ Music ]. So shall we have a look at this to stay after an hour in the dentist chair, Cody’s. Mouth is now nominal for her tooth to be removed.

There’s, no guarantees in life, but you don’t expect. I’m to be told you think your daughter’s got the life-limiting illness that she has, but you it’s about quality, not quantity, so we try and make every day a good day.

I don’t really think about myself. I have to be there for Cody that’s, my job as a parent. So when she needs me, I’ll, be there, are you ready and you bite on this? It’s, not my finger [ Laughter, ], just check you’re, absolutely ready to go accord it.

Okay. Can you turn around and look at me and take a big arm out and touch your nose like this yeah and wiggle? You bum that’s. It I doesn’t. Do anything just want to see you do that? Okay, that’s cool? I think you’re ready to go when we were told without treatment, but she wouldn’t miss she wouldn’t live till.

She was tan. I mean that was that was hard, [ Music ], but with all the amazing treatments and everything that she’s hard, you that she’s got real good future ahead. We’re [ Music ], coming up a mum, watches her son in pain.

I thought that was. I was gonna snap, his finger off to be honest and Eliza’s. Life hangs on just one tiny blood vessel. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do was hand her over [ Music, ], [ Applause ].

It’s early evening in the children’s, A & amp E department. It’s, always the busiest time for the staff. Children’s accident emergency sister speaking. Can I help you please? I was playing football and I was in goal.

I didn’t, have any goalkeeper girl son, so my friend kicked the ball. I went to save it, but I think I kind of hid my the bar. It might have died. Okay, later you have watch your hand, a few signs that you normally just it’s, just swollen or whatever.

But when you show me, I was like. Oh it’s about a place taken, straights, meaning, probably icon holiday tomorrow Arsenal. I’m, hoping like it’s. Fine Kevin, I’m. Simon comes I’d. Look at you Paulie hand.

How do you do that right? Ah hidden, it must ‘ Ve been you. I came looking at that. I think we can pretty sure it’s broken to be honest, and I think it’s just moved out to the side slightly. Can you make a fist pretty good, but still not pointing in quite the right direction? Can we get a picture taken, quick x-ray and see what it looks like from the pony point of view? Columns 14 is the eldest, my only boy as well.

Sorry, I’ve got that special feel McCallum. So when I had lots of his fingers, fingers like literally been like in half kind of things, so I felt a little bit sick then as well. My worry is it’s. Gon na need to be pushed back into place.

We’ve got a few different ways to do that. We need to have a quick look at what the x-ray shows to see exactly what the position is this finger here. It goes up nice and straight and no problems at all.

You see this heading off an angle. If you look really closely down here, there’s, a black line that goes through there notice, where there’s a little fracture. If we leave it like that, you’re gonna have a finger sticking out like that.

Oh I can do is I can put some local anaesthetic in around here. Make it all go to numb, so you can’t, feel it and then what we can do is. I can just give it a little push over to this side. Get it back into position, strap these two together and then it should heal.

You’re straight. What we’ve got for you is a little bit laughing. Yes, it can give you the giggles, so don’t. Think of anything funny, stop thinking about funny things, okay, what I’ll! Do then is just pop a little bit of an injection into the finger, so it’s.

Definitely this hand isn’t. It yeah good, always wear the chain, little sharp scratch coming up on your hand there. What do you call the donkey with three legs, a wonky when you call the donkey with three legs, a mono, a winky wonky donkey it doesn’t matter how bad the jokes are when you’re on that stuff, I totally love.

So what I’m gonna do is just try and get it back into a more normal position. The problem is the bend, is there and you can & # 39? T really get your fingering, so we can do is use a fulcrum to pop that in there bend it around there, any parent would rather be sat there in the child’s C, rather than then be going through the pain.

I thought that was. I was going to snap his finger off to be honest, um. No, it’s, not a nice thing to watch. I was actually cringing myself. I think if we strap those two together now and get another picture fairly, certain that’s.

Gon na be okay, but your signature there, that’s. My solution, yeah, The Children’s. Hospital is on the same site as the Manchester Royal Infirmary. This is where Mike’s about to have his kidney removed love plan in preparation to get here now I hear us stop.

It goes well. What’s? My daughter,  in the Children’s, Hospital things. Aren’t, quite so calm, Debbie’s got Mike’s sister with her for support. You know she’s going to theater cuz. We’ve, just tried to put a gown on her and she will not put it on.

She wants to go home, lose that Mike’s, usually the one that takes Eliza to the anisa this room. He’s. The one that goes in and collects her out of recovery because I struggle with situations like that:

We’ll, see in a bit. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do was hand. Her over, she was so scared and she’s, so precious she’s, so tiny, but it just it had to be done. That’s. When you realize what you’ve done to her hey, you didn’t know no, it ‘

S feel like you’re. Doing Mike and Eliza’s. Operation will take place at the same time. Okie-Dokie, so I’m quitting the skin okay. They take our time here, like Mike. Most kidney donors are living. Relatives of the 20 operations carried out each year.

Eighty percent of the donors have gifted their kidneys while they’re still alive. Can our large flock to put in place the first stage is to create a space to accommodate the much larger donated organ? If this isn’t possible, the surgery can’t proceed.

I am also a father, so for me it is always emotionally very tense, and maybe not everybody admits that your finger there, that’s, the one that’s the space. I want fabulous blisters already. We are happy good to go.

Thank you. Alright. Now that the space has been found, the surgical team of the adult hospital can start to remove Mike’s. Kidney just come over me in a wave. We can be quite engrossed in a conversation and then reality kicks in again and a few hours.

The operation will be over and hopefully I can see them both [ Music ]. It’s like one of those game shows where you like. Before and after back in A & amp E, the x-ray of Kalam’s, fractured finger has come through, so this is the one before so got a nice angle.

There, the breaks down the bottom, that’s flying off that different direction. It looks pretty good it’s, almost almost completely straight yeah course Norris. So what should happen now is that should heal really well as a nice straight finger, you sorted out to three weeks to settle down and that’s.

It awesome. Well then, after two hours in accident and emergency Callum can go home, . I can feel the kidney with my fingers. The adult hospital next door Mike, is about to have his kidney removed without it.

His daughter Eliza faces premature death, kidney dish to me with ice. Please kidney to one swab out:  the kidney is hand delivered to the Children’s Hospital a five minute: walk away: , the kidney please for Eliza.

This is the most crucial part of the operation where the kidney needs to be joined to her tiny blood vessels. Another suture, please getting quite scared, now happy mask our clamps, please nice bliss.

Mr. Tuvok Lee hits a serious problem. Her dad’s. Kidney is so big and heavy it’s tearing her tiny blood vessels, help sale and please quickly what was silently getting  Porthos quickly get quickly a five or a six.

Oh, please yeah, hey guys. I need to be quick now yeah. I need six or prolene on a nine millimeter times 2. Again it’s, a race against the clock for mr. Tavakoli to stop the bleeding and save both Eliza and her father’s donated kidney Eliza.

Surgeon has stopped the bleeding and can begin the final stage of the operation. Suddenly the weight of the kidney start tearing apart and you manage to sort it out, so the kidneys back to the life looks lovely look at this now.

If he’s happy days, that is working, we get very happy about. Urine have a very sad life. The operation is a success and Debbie’s. 7L. Wait for news is over preceding lettuce so far, so good

I’m going for a bath yeah. Look at that smile six days after Sun brought baby Archie to a knee. He’s, having a dressing change to check. If his burns are healing very happy, he’s. A lot happier in himself now, yeah, you tell um.

I know this is the worst okay, you can’t describe as a mom. What I went through and I’ve – been to give your baby over like that’s. I think heavier Marcia was running through my ads. I ‘ Ve got a very polar bear, but he’s.

Never gonna. Forgive me I didn’t know to help him. It was just awful. It was just shocking. Really really shocking, but we can kind of see here yeah, I think any of its  god ice might invite some no don’t think I can feel a lot of people any of it real eyeballs if I could suck it away And give it to myself I was doing.

I should have hit mama Sheldon’s, hurt not you coming up Eliza’s. Parents feel the pressure it’s been a big strain on her. She’s, sort of being herself. I’m pretty hard over this  and baby Archie goes under the knife.

When he went to sleep is like he gone to sleep forever: . It’s. Four o’clock in the afternoon. A mic is back on the ward and waiting to hear if his daughter’s operation is a success.

All is done. Okay, okay, but looks like a lovely kidney, so both her and the kidney are okay. I’m happier: . This experience give you a different perspective on life and reaffirmed. I guess what’s, really important.

The ballast teamwork and life and all the other things you have to do, and we want to do you she makes you realize the most important thing is it’s, the family and the kids and the health and well-being.

After a long wait. Debbie can finally see her little girl again. You just wants to say it because well it’s been a tough day for all the family, but for Eliza there’s, still a chance that her body might reject the kidney

] two weeks ago, Sam rushed baby Archie to hospital with severe scolding, the burns to his arm haven’t healed, and now he needs a skin graft that is gonna, have scare it and cause. Obviously it’s. Gon na remind me all the time and what happened, but it’s, dealing with what has happened to him.

I never said what else to tell him and his older was huh Kunz. No God Miller it’s, not Let’s! Ride out to your right,  like stuff to this, I’ll, be done! when he went to sleep, is like he’d, gone to sleep forever.

I never was gonna wake up at the end of it, but seeing such a little child go to sleep, isn’t it just. It was awful  The first stage of the operation is to cut away the blistering top layer of skinand then a healthy layer of skin is shaved from the back of Archie’s thigh.

This is then attached to the damaged area, just clot, watching our exam just said between two hours and two and a half hours. Hopefully soon it’s, gonna be coming back. The next few days are critical as bleeding might occur under the graft or it could get infected four days after the kidney transplant operation Mike is finally reunited with his daughter, Eliza

How’s? Your kidney working here working good Obama likes it too. She looks oh well just make the whole of it. It’s all worthwhile, and the Saudis are really pleased with her prognosis is very good, so absolutely another thing to do over the following days.

The news just keeps on getting better. Her body has accepted the kidney and she’s back on her feet and dialysis is a thing of the past. It’s, a new habit to get used to his normality. I guess so. We’ve, had the dialysis and I’m, the illness associated with a kidney problem.

So just look forward to some time where it can be together. It’s, gonna be great. So I’m gonna head run like that, so I’m, a Debbie’s caught really well with this whole situation, but it’s been a big strain on her.

She’s, sort of beating herself up pretty hard over this. It’s, silver. Taking its toll. You can tell that she’s. She’s, tired and drained, but I think she’s. Cold. Really well, I’m so proud of her. I never imagined life after transplant because I didn’t allow myself to think how it could affect her life, but it’s just been amazing.

It’s like having a new child the day after baby arced his skin graft. He’s all smiles again, and he and his mom are all so ready to go home.  It’s. Just completely changed my life completely, I always will feel good, so I ‘

Ve got counseling to try to get me over it, but at the moment I feel guilty 24 hours a day. It could date should have been me should, with me,  next time on your child in their hands. A newborn baby has an operation on his bowel, its tiny baby, going straight into surgery.

How could that be okay and a 17 year old? Has a life-saving bone marrow transplant, it is painful. The rule is no one cries along

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